Baseball and KAS Cocktails

In spirits brand marketing, sales collateral is extremely important as information is often given out at events or as leave behinds when visiting potential accounts.

The founders of KAS Spirits initially thought of their product as a traditional spirit for toasting and sipping neat in the traditional manner. I saw more potential.

The boom of craft spirits and cocktail culture (even “dive bars” have cocktail menus, top bartenders are ”rock stars”)

C/O Dan Hopper of College Humor

I saw an opportunity for KAS. As a former bartender, I saw how easy it was to use, naturally gravitating first to gin, creating a classic Bee’s Knees variation. The honey sweetness led me to a natural pairing with mezcal to create a smoky sweet cocktail called The Smoking Bee.


Before even getting to complex cocktails, I tested it in simple drinks to make at home. Ginger Beer was a perfect complement as was hot and iced tea, and juices.

Testing drinks over months I have created 60+ KAS cocktail recipes. By now you might be wondering what baseball has to do with all this. It’s not so much the sport as the cards I liked to collect as a kid. I decided a deck of KAS cocktails would be a great idea to display the versatility of this little known spirit.

KAS cards could be given away in full or seasonal decks to buyers at events but also pick and choose certain cards for certain leads (a high end cocktail bar will get The Laveau – a KAS, gin, Lillet drink inspired by Corpse Reviver #2 while a retail shop will get the KASaloma – a paloma variation with grapefruit juice and club soda - easy to make at home). 

The idea is for people to collect them all from the iced espresso Buzzin Bee to the egg-white froth-topped Hudson Sour. So far, there are 14 cards in play with more to come each season. (All recipes will be available online starting in November 2015)

By the holidays, there will be a deck of 30. How can you collect them? Join our mailing list to keep up with events and find us with the cards!

KAS Cocktail Cards. Collect them all!