The New KAS Krupnikas Label!

Some time spent consulting with the founders of KAS, researching our target market, and collaborating with designers has resulted in a beautiful new look! 

First was to create a label that would stand out in dark bars. Dark labels can be ok if there is very strong contrast in lettering, borders or shapes. After playing around with border in gray and gold, we decided to go with a light label. 

We decided on a half-wrap around label as it's easier to affix by hand and fits the tall cylindrical shape of the bottle. 


We wanted to retain the exotic nature of the spirit (a traditional Lithuanian recipe) but also display the local, handcrafted nature of it. A look to display our tagline, "Old World Recipe, New World Drinks" like Farm-to-table meets Eastern Europe. 


Natural/cream background: To contrast against the golden hue of the spirit and stand out in bars and on the shelves. 

Black: for contrast with the white on the border, symbols, and lettering

Gold: There are hints of gold in the bee and on the ruta (the national herb of Lithuania and symbolic of purity) as well as in the Lithuanian double crosses along the border. These are for contrast and to signify the high-quality refinement of the spirit. 

Burgundy: There is a fine line within the black border to create visual interest and warmth 


We made sure that "Traditional" was with the product name KAS Krupnikas to speak to its roots. We wanted customers to be well aware that it was "Handcrafted" (above the bee) and "small-batch" (by the Ruta). We also wanted the type of product to be obvious since Krupnikas is not a well-known spirit with the "Handcrafted Spiced Honey Liqueur" encircling the bee symbol. 

As for the information side of the label, I crafted content that spoke to an ancient, mysterious spirit recently brought from the old to the new world and then a note from the maker of the spirit to keep it personal and a reminder of it being a family owned small business.

KAS Krupnikas, an ancient spirit shrouded in mystery with roots to late middle age monasteries arrives to the modern world.

After 25 years of perfecting my generations old family recipe for this traditional Lithuanian spirit, I was ready to share it with the world. Using only the finest ingredients - New York State honey, exotic natural spices and fresh citrus - I proudly bring you KAS Krupnikas, a rich and complex tasting experience. We invite everyone to celebrate life’s joyous occasions with the beauty of our handcrafted spirit, a gift from my family to yours.

I Sveikata


Old World Recipe, New World Drinks