Client/Brand Application

An application? Yes, it’s an application but it’s going to be beneficial to you. I want to make sure that 1. I can give you amazing results and 2. You are ready to work together. Fill out as much as you’d like but the more you share, the better starting point we have! If you have any extra information you’d like to share or just want to say “Hi”, please email

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How can Project No. 9 help?
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Share a list of product or services and your value proposition.
What geographic areas are you selling in or planning to sell your product or services? Example: "Nationally, focused in NY and LA" or "Currently San Francisco but would like to expand nationally."
Please share anything relevant to who you think your targets might be? Mothers? Teens? Athletes? Females between 25-45? People who love koalas? the more your share the better!
Where are you/your brand/your company at now? Examples: "Pre-launch planning", "Series A funding", "10 years in and looking to revamp/refresh."
What are your goals? It could you be your goals for this month, the next 3, 6 or 9 months, or 5 years. Example. "To launch my brand next month and become a million dollar company by 2020."
Please share anything else you'd like here.