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Bar + Restaurant Marketing

More Covers - More $$$$

No empty seats. That’s the goal - to drive the right customers to your bar or restaurant. And it’s super easy to do with social media + programmatic ads. We can hyper target your neighborhood and your ideal patrons to maximize your investment.


If you are fine dining Italian and know you have the best osso buco + tiramisu this side of the Atlantic Ocean, let people nearby know! We can target by location, interests, income, and behaviors to get them into your restaurant.

Does your bar show all the soccer games - even those at 5am? Let nearby fans know you have kegs and eggs and welcome both Real Madrid and Barcelona fans.

We can create multiple ads around specials and events as well. Why not let your target demographic know that you have Taco Tuesday by getting it in front of them every Monday-Tuesday afternoon. Or let all the women between the age of 21 and 35 within 5 miles who love rose know of your spectacular Ladies Night rose deal?

When your ad hits one right person, word of mouth spreads like wildfire

Tangible Returns

With targeted social media and programmatic video ads, it’s easy to see exactly where your ad spend goes. Besides tracking digital results like reach, impressions, and clicks, driving traffic in real-time means real physical traffic, spending real physical money at your business.

A couple who were just glancing at their phones nearby looking for a dinner spot sees your mouth-watering osso buco ad and comes walking through your door to check it out. We bring them to you, you wow them with your food, cocktails and service and now you have new regulars. Every time your ad touches a new potential nearby, you could be making a customer for life. But this is where we hand it off to you. Make sure your bartenders or servers ask what brought these new patrons there. Then you can really see the $$$$ results coming in.

Restaurant and Bar Targeted Advertising Opportunities

  • Theme nights: trivia, ladies night, college night, etc

  • Pre-fixe deals and restaurant week specials

  • Sporting events

  • Taco Tuesday, Wing Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, etc

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