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Project No. 9

Brand Collective + Marketing Services

Project No. 9 is a collective for many projects and brands - some in-house but many owned by others. PN9 serves as a launch pad for new ideas, brands and businesses. We are here to help you launch your dream, from initial planning stages, to market research, branding, pricing, team building, launching and growing.


Market Research+

Let’s determine your value proposition, verticals + revenue streams, and target markets. From 3D printing popsicles to revolutionary CDB products, new restaurants to liquor brands, we have the experience to get you ready for launch.

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With your target markets and goals always in mind, we work together to develop your brand or help you rebrand. Vintage pinup, Parisian bohemian, maritime sportsman, modern simplicity, literary luxury, 70s dessert and cheeky + irreverent to seriously chic, branding is our fire.


Rapid-fire growth+

Together, we move fast. Hitting goals or pivoting quickly when needed. Staying nimble with strategies and budgets and making sure all areas are streamlined so focus is on what matters most. Time to set your idea ablaze.


Spark. Fuel. Blaze.


(in partnership with Uptown Creative)


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